How To Cure Vampirism In Skyrim in 7 Easy Steps

Sick of hiding from the sun and being shunned by NPCs? Follow this simple step-by-step guide to easily cure vampirism in Skyrim.

1. Talk to a bartender

Ask a bartender about rumours going around.

Follow directions to speak to Falion in Morthal.

2. Follow bartender directions

3. Talk to Falion

He'll tell you that a ritual can be performed to cure your vampirism and that you'll need a filled black soul gem.

4. Obtain a black soul gem

5. (optional) Purchase black soul gem from Falion

If you don't already have one and you can't be bothered acquiring one by other means, you can purchase a black soul gem from Falion.

6. Cast soul trap on a humanoid target to fill black soul gem

7. Meet Falion at the Stone Circle

Make sure you have the filled black soul gem with you. You'll need it for the ritual. Talk to Falion and do the ritual and you'll be cured of your Vampirism.