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How to Marry Benor


“An Amulet of Mara? You’re looking for marriage, then. – [Interested in me, are you?] – Won’t lie, I am. And you?”

Benor’s Marriage DIALOGUE

Benor is a city guard reject, who applied but failed to get in. He now spends his free time helping out the guards in Morthal. He’s a decent two-handed warrior so not a bad choice as a follower. He can be killed in combat though. He technically has a house, which triggers the ‘Visit Your Spouses House” quest upon marrying him. But the house in question is the Morthal guardhouse, which you’ll need to break into (by lockpicking a novice lock). This means unfortunately that you can’t move into his place. He can move into your house though. He’s also a potential recruit for the blades.

How to Marry Benor

  1. Find Benor at one of the following locations during the day: Outside the Morthal Guardhouse, inside the guardhouse cellar or on the bridge. At night time he can be located inside the Moorside Inn.
  2. Talk to Benor and he will challenge you to a brawl to prove his fighting prowess. this will trigger the Fight! Fight! radiant quest. If you complete the quest by defeating Benor in barehand combat, you’ll be awarded 100 gold and will be able to recruit Benor as a follower for free.
  3. Now you’ve got Benor as a follower you can marry him via the usual method.
  4. Purchase an Amulet of Mara from Maramal in Riften. If you haven’t visited Riften before you’ll find Maramal in The Bee and Barb, otherwise try the Temple of Mara.
  5. Make sure you’ve discussed marriage with Maramal (dialogue won’t trigger otherwise), wear the Amulet of Mara and go talk to your beloved. The marriage dialogue option will now be available – “Interested in me, are you?”.
  6. After agreeing to get married, visit Maramal again and he will set the date for your wedding for the next day. Walk outside and wait 24 hours.
  7. Walk back into the temple of Mara. Your spouse will be present and the wedding ceremony will commence.