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How to marry Avrusa Sarethi

Avrusa Sarethi

Dark Elf Avrusa Sarethi standing at Sarethi Farm in Skyrim
Avrusa Sarethi at Sarethi Farm

“Look at you. Wearing an Amulet of Mara. Are you saying you’re available? – [Interested in me, are you?] – You are pleasant company, more than pleasant. And what about you? Would you… be interested in a life together?”

Avrusa Sarethi’s MaRRIAGE DIALOGUE

According to Avrusa Sarethi, she is “the only person alive who can cultivate nirnroot from a seed to a fully grown plant”. True to her word, her home – Sarethi Farm – has the only cultivated nirnroot crop in Skyrim. This alone is a decent reason to marry Avrusa: you get to live right next to a replenishing crop of nirnroot. Especially useful if you’re an alchemist. If you choose to move in with her at Sarethi Farm there’s also a potato crop and a cute little farmhouse that comes with an alchemy table and a fireplace with a cooking pot to cook some hearty country fare, grown right in your very own farm. Also you can fast travel almost directly to your house if you move in with her.

How to marry Avrusa Sarethi

  1. Locate Avrusa Sarethi at Sarethi Farm.
  2. Talk to her and she will mention that she’s very tired and ask you to collect 20 jazbay grapes for her, triggering the quest Smooth Jazby.
  3. Complete Smooth Jazby by finding the 20 jazby grapes. You can find them easily growing in the volcanic plains south of Windhelm (the discoloured area on the map with Bonestrewn Crest in the centre). Also, you could buy them from alchemist shops. Return the grapes to Avrusa and she will become a marriage candidate who can be courted in the usual manner.
  4. Purchase an Amulet of Mara from Maramal in Riften. If you haven’t visited Riften before you’ll find Maramal in The Bee and Barb, otherwise try the Temple of Mara.
  5. Make sure you’ve discussed marriage with Maramal (dialogue won’t trigger otherwise), wear the Amulet of Mara and go talk to your beloved. The marriage dialogue option will now be available – “Interested in me, are you?”.
  6. After agreeing to get married, visit Maramal again and he will set the date for your wedding for the next day. Walk outside and wait 24 hours.
  7. Walk back into the temple of Mara. Your spouse will be present and the wedding ceremony will commence.