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How to Marry Farkas


Farkas, a member of the Companions, in the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters in Whiterun.
Farkas, a member of the Companions, in the Jorrvaskr Living Quarters in Whiterun.

“An Amulet of Mara? You’re looking for marriage, then. – [Interested in me, are you?] – Won’t lie, I am. And you?”


If you’re into big, dumb but kind husbands then Farkas is your guy (don’t mention anything about his intelligence to him though, he’s sensitive about it). His brother Vilkas and others around his home base of Jorrvaskr will often comment on his supposed low intelligence. But he’s also one of the first people to be friendly to the Dragonborn when you arrive at the Companions HQ.

On top of being a genuinely nice guy, Farkas also benefits from being a Master Heavy Armor trainer which comes with the same perk as every follower who is also a trainer: you can train levels with them and then just take the gold back off them. Very useful if you’re trying to level Heavy Armor and don’t want to spend all your coin doing it. Also as a main quest character for the Companions quest line, Farkas has a lot of dialogue available.

How to Marry Farkas

  1. Visit Farkas’ home: Jorrvaskr in Whiterun.
  2. Speak to the leader of the Companions, Kodlak Whitemane, and ask to join the Companions, to start the Companions questline.
  3. Complete the questline and ask Farkas to be your follower. Once you have recruited him as a follower the usual process for getting married can be followed.
  4. Purchase an Amulet of Mara from Maramal in Riften. If you haven’t visited Riften before you’ll find Maramal in The Bee and Barb, otherwise try the Temple of Mara.
  5. Make sure you’ve discussed marriage with Maramal (dialogue won’t trigger otherwise), wear the Amulet of Mara and go talk to your beloved. The marriage dialogue option will now be available – “Interested in me, are you?”.
  6. After agreeing to get married, visit Maramal again and he will set the date for your wedding for the next day. Walk outside and wait 24 hours.
  7. Walk back into the temple of Mara. Your spouse will be present and the wedding ceremony will commence.